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Franks Marketing Company1110 N Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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Experience Myrtle Beach like never before by participating in a Wacky Walk. Complete quests to determine who has “power” over the game - but beware, there could be a joker in your midst. Just like a board game, players take turns performing quests and moving ahead in the game. Learn all about Myrtle Beach while enjoying the zany fun of a Wacky Walk!


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Wacky Walks is an unique walking game. Similar to a board game in which the power, or control, goes from one player to the next. The object of the game is to have fun, learn some facts about your city, be a little silly or wacky, & enjoy the company you’re playing with. That being said..
Wacky Walks starts out by designating who is going to be the team Captain first, and the ruling over the other players begins. But the Captain may or may not be on the throne for long. As you travel through the walking game, the other “pawns”, as we say, do as they are expected and perform for the Captain. Be forewarned, a joker may be amongst you, and could cause havoc for the Captain taking the power from them and reversing the role.
The Wacky Walk consists of several "Quests", with the starting point and the ending nearby. The Wacky Walk is completely walkable, and usually takes about 2 hours to complete. You won’t be alone, you’ll have a guide who will be available to you the whole time you’re playing, via chat, or phone. Your guide has all the answers.. in case you get lost or stuck on a riddle.

Wacky Walks phone and chat guides will be with you along the way. Keeping you on the straight and narrow. Use your guide to help you in determining answers, picking your new team Captain, or if you're simply lost and need some direction. We are here for you.. We monitor all tours from Launch to finish. (Guide service is available Thursday through Monday 10am to 7pm, we're closed on Tuesday and Wednesday)

Our starting locations are only general areas, we do not have offices, as our guides monitor your phone's activity and can watch your GPS as you progress through the game. Be sure to keep track of your answers along the way (pen & paper come in handy), bring plenty of water, and your walking shoes. Our games are usually 2 hours, and about 2 miles. Feel free to stop and rest anytime you need to. Guide Service is available to help you launch your game as well as explain to you how to play, help you along the way, give you clues, and more. Feel free to call a guide before you start.
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Wacky Walks is located at Franks Marketing Company1110 N Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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Frequently Asked Questions about Wacky Walks

How long does a Wacky Walk take to complete?
On average, participants complete the experience in 2-hours.

Will we be walking the entire time?
The majority of the experience is spent walking.

Is this a family-friendly experience?
Yes. Wacky Walks are perfect for couples, families, youth groups, and other organizations.

Do we need to bring anything for a Wacky Walk?
We only ask that at least one member of your group has a smartphone. Instructions for the game are accessed via a smartphone.